Combat Guaze Hemostatic Bandage w/Z-Fold-LE


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QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE™ is a soft, white, sterile, non woven 3 in. by 4 yd Z-folded gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inert mineral that does not generate heat. QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE™ is individually wrapped in an easy rip, military grade foil pouch. Indicated for temporary external control of traumatic bleeding, QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE™ is flexible and pliable and contours to all wounds. Effective, simple and safe to use when trying to control life-threatening hemorrhage from wounds that are not amenable to tourniquet application.

Controls Bleeding: Promotes clotting within minutes, allowing responders to control bleeding in an efficient and timely manner.
Easy To Use: QuikClot Combat Gauze uses the same placement technique as standard gauze
Expedited Product Access: Eight tear points for quicker application
Heat Free: QuikClot products produce NO Heat
Expiration: 5 year shelf life

Packaged – H 5 in. x W 5.5 in. x D 0.625 in.
Gauze – W 3 in.x L 4 yd (12 ft)
Weight: 0.8 oz