BT-Engineering because...



Custom Knives

Forge direct from the makers


Half Faced Blades

Founded by Andrew Arrabito, Navy SEAL (ret.)


Strider Knives

Custom and production knifemaking by Mick Strider


Scopion 6 Knives

Hand crafted custom knives built for use


Half Faced Blades

Rugged, Dependable, Combat Knives and Tools


Tactical Knives

Big, fuck-off shiny ones.


Hunting Stuff

For all of Mother Nature's tasty critters!


Outdoor Stuff

Take your indoor stuff with you and go outdoors!


No one plans to fail...

They only fail to plan


First Responder & Medical Gear

When the actions of one save the lives of many.


Our partners in Tactical, Medical and Outdoor gear

We only stock the  gear that we use in our personal and professional lives.

New Arrivals

Straight from the source

  • Dwyer Custom Goods BBNM, Recurve Hissatsu, V Ground DigiCam

  • Dwyer Custom Goods BBNL, Recurve Tanto, V Ground Frag

  • Mutiny Metals X Special Projects Community 1 Coin and 1 Bar

  • Mutiny Metals/FLDWRX Casually Violent 1oz Silver